Monday, December 15, 2008


The Christmas lights on the front of our house are falling & looking a tad ghetto....Shane has yet to fix them.
ghetto lights continuance of our Christmas lights issues, the tree now is striped, with most of it NOT being lit up. I guess I will have to trudge to Wal-Mart & buy all new lights & attempt to remove & replace the lights WHILE the tree is already decorated. Finally, ole Rudolph the light up Reindeer in the front yard has decided to only light up on his legs...nice!
This week the schools are taking advantage of my Faux "Stay at home Mom" status & have me working overtime for holiday crap. This morning it was muffins and 3 bottles of soda....
school muffins
Later this week it's a cake & plain store bought sugar cookies AND icing for the kids to decorate them! That stuff is expensive!!!!
Finally, Shane brought me an early Christmas present, ok, well ANOTHER early Christmas gift, as I deemed Marley the dog my early gift to myself or from him, whichever he phone
my phone


The Davidson Family said...

Marley is still very cute for a pirhana!

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