Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Olivia's 1st birthday.......

In one week my baby Olivia will be one. Where has the time gone? It is so sad, especially since she is my last baby. We are not planning a big party, just going out to eat (maybe....) or we may bring take out home...and then cake and a few presents with just us, the immediate family. My inlaws who live 40 minutes away will probably not want to come and my parents live 3 hrs away, so it is hard for them to just pop in on a Tuesday for a birthday party. I work the weekends still, so a weekend party is not do-able. I had planned to order a cake for her from a local bakery. I made Bella's cake in June if you recall & while it was awesome, it took me ALL day long to do it. I am not really wanting to do that again. Yet, the bakery thing seems like it may not be in the cards for me! First I went to the bakery on Thursday last week...there was a sign saying that they had to go out of town unexpectedly and would be closed for 2 days. So, I returned yesterday...ooops. They are closed on Mondays! Ugh! Now I am thinking that maybe I will just make my own cake, just not as big or elaborate as Bella's was. I really wanted an owl cake. Pink. Brown. Flowery. I don't know if I want fondant again...it was costly. And doesn't even taste that great. But they do make the cake look cute! I have been combing Pinterest for ideas. I have several. I just don't know.... Ahhh! Decisions, decisions!


Anonymous said...

It's rough! I love watching my babies grow but it makes me a bit sad knowing I won't get to go through these stages/milestones again. Good Luck on figuring out the party stuff.

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