Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bella is 21 months old!

I missed the actual day...this past Saturday, Bella turned 21 months! I cannot believe how time flies!!! I need to measure & weight that girl because she is growing like a weed! And she is getting smarter & smarter every day! She has such a large vocabulary! She even has used the bathroom in her potty..once...and it was a fluke, I'll admit...I was changing her diaper, had to run to the closet to get more diapers, she stood up (we were on the floor) and she started to pee a little bit. I think it surprised her, on her leg, feeling the wetness...she said pee pee and pointed. I immediately told her to wait & I scooped her up & we ran to the bathroom where she did indeed finish her pee on the potty! (-: We had a lazy morning today. After I fed Olivia at about 7am, she & I laid down in my bed and went back to sleep til about 10am, when princess Bella decided she was ready to wake! We watched a little "Sesame Street" (basically just the Elmo part, after that, she was outta there!) and she ate some chocolate cheerios and drank milk. (from a sippy cup for you bottle Nazis out there!) Olivia did have another bottle, but she is only 5 mos old, so as far as I know, that is ok..... although it was formula & not breast milk.... ok, I admit, I am a sucky mom. Anyways, here are some pictures from our breakfast time....
This one is classic! Cheerio stuck on her upper lip!


someday-soon said...

How did your girls get to be this old?!?! Such a big girl going pee-pee in the potty =) Love the Cheerio stuck on her lip, she's such a cutie!

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