Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring cleaning.....

So, spring is in the air...ok, so it has been all winter really....but, I have lately gotten the urge to clean, renew and redecorate the house! I have so many ideas swirling in my head! I once read that you should re-paint, redecorate your house every 5 years to keep it fresh and updated! Well, we have been here 5 1/2 it's time! We actually already have tentative plans to do three of the upstairs bedrooms once our tax refund arrives....we want to re-paint them, tear up the old carpet and lay laminate floors. We are also doing some bedroom oldest daughter is in college and getting an her old bedroom will become my 13 year old's room. My 13 year old's room will become a playroom and my son's room, well he will keep it, just with new paint and floors! I am also getting inspired to re-paint our upstairs loft and hallway...a pretty big area actually....kind of like an upstairs living room! I painted it a green color not too long after we moved in, but am just ready for a change now. I am drawn lately back to beiges and tans and neutrals. I am thinking a light tan color. That will also open it up and lighten it up more, as the back of our house faces north and so it doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight during the day & there is only one window in the area that is giving natural light to the area. We have a big couch & recliner up there (which I would prefer to just sell & turn this area into a playroom) but hubby doesn't want to try to move that furniture downstairs....sigh! So, I will, keep it a "family room" add a TV (which we used to have in there but removed when it finally gave out on us about a year or two ago.)

Our hallway is wide and I am thinking of adding a frames out chalkboard wall to it....a great place for the little ones to draw and play....especially since the hall is right outside our bedroom and my son's bedroom. I am thinking of doing an area of maybe 6 feet by 4 feet and framing it with moulding. I also have plans to re-do the bathroom in the hall. I painted it light blue about 4 yrs ago, a kind of beachy theme....not sure exactly what I want to do in there, but it definitely needs some refreshing! I also have big plans to re-paint the formal living room downstairs...but more on that later. One area at a time!! I think today, I will get some paint samples for upstairs.


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