Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am full of creative thoughts today. I was up early and was able to have a few hours free of fussy babies and whiny toddlers (don't get me wrong, I LOVE my babies, but sometimes I do need peace & quiet ME time!!) I spent some time on Pinterest and pinned away all sorts of ideas for the soon-to-be playroom! I would ideally like to turn the upstairs loft into the's the ideal location and size, but right now, we have an oversized sofa & a big recliner in there, so that doesn't leave much room for toys.....sigh! And hubby won't admit it, but I think he is just emotionally attached to that furniture because it was his FIRST! And I do like it, but am ready to part with it! Its probably 12 years old. Still in good shape, we could probably sell it on Craigslist for a couple hundred...maybe....but he says "no, it stays! It is too big and there is no way I am trying to carry that down the stairs!" I guess I could sweet talk him and hire professional movers to carry it down to the garage...

So, for now that room stays as is...)-: However, we have been dying to tear up the carpet in three of our bedrooms and put laminate flooring in. How hard can it be???? So, one bedroom is my son's, one bedroom is my 13 year old daughter's and the 3rd room will become a playroom. I cannot wait to get started!
I tentatively did our taxes online yesterday & although we are still waiting for one more W2, this year looks like it will be a fantastic year refund-wise! Last year, we got NADA!!! I am so happy about that & it will allow us to get our emergency fund replenished. We plan to get back into the whole Dave Ramsey way of handling the finances. And now that my minivan is paid off (and I have title in hand!!!), we can concentrate on paying off hubby's car! As it stands, we have 2 more years to pay on it.... So, of course here are a few shots of the girls, they are growing so quickly, I don't want to miss a I have to photograph them all the time!!!
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February 1, 2012


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