Saturday, October 1, 2011

5 days old!

It has been a long week! We were discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, but had to be readmitted on Wednesday evening so Olivia could be under the Bili lights. She had jaundice & it had gotten a little worse after discharge. So, we stayed at the hospital on Wednesday night & then got to go home on Thursday. We had a check up today at her pediatrician's and she is still weighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz. They did another blood draw to check her bilirubin levels...they are back up a little, but not enough to put us back in the hospital, thank goodness! We just keep on feeding her every 3 hrs (she is a good eater!!!) and have another weight check in the morning. They also may do one more blood draw tomorrow. Hoping & praying that she will have gained a few ounces and that her Bili levels are down!!! She is doing wonderfully though! She is such a sweet, laid back baby! I am amazed at how tiny she is! I am used to big 8 lb plus chunkers! This one is swallowed up whole by NB clothes! I hardly have any b/c normally my babies can only wear that size for like maybe 1 day! LOL! I am always worried, just because she is so tiny & seems so much more fragile! "Is she still breathing!?" "Did she burp really well so that she doesn't burp & aspirate when I lie her back down??" "Does she feel hot?!" "Does she look yellow again?!"


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