Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking forward....

As my baby girl snoozes here on the bed, and Peyton plays his video game...I know, I know....I have a minute to blog. It's so hard getting on here on a regular basis!! Life is busy, but good! The weeks are just flying by! I cannot believe that my baby is 11 weeks old today. Almost THREE months old! In fact, she is EXACTLY 11 weeks old...look at the time! (-: LOL! Anyways, I find myself looking forward to so much lately, despite the fact that part of me wants time to stand still! Peyton has his preschool open house on August 31st and his 1st day is September 1st. He will be in the 4 year old class this year, which means he will go to school 3 days a week. That means 3 days a week that I will be forced to wake up, get presentable, feed baby, get her presentable, feed Peyton, get him presentable & drive him to school. It will be good for me, no more sleeping in and being in PJ's 'til noon! Meghan starts school soon too....August 25th. I cannot believe that she is a senior in high school. I feel OLD! Granted, I was 20 when she was born.... Now when Isabella is a senior in high school, I really will be OLD!!! I don't even want to do that math right now! Meghan will be turning 17 on September 22 and I have been toying with the idea of buying her a car. A used one, mind you, nothing fancy, but safe & reliable. Her school is just 5 minutes from the she could drive herself to school everyday...I feel bad making her ride the bus everyday as a senior (I didn't, although I had a 1970 VW beetle that was older than me and at the time, hated it! But, it WAS better than riding the bus!)I can just imagine how shocked and surprised she would be to walk outside on her birthday to a car sitting there with a big ribbon on it! It would be priceless!! Because she has NO idea that I am even considering it. We will see. Hopefully, I can manage it financially. I have no idea what the extra insurance will be on a new teen driver....gulp! Shane's birthday is October 1st. I have taken that weekend off from work & we are making plans to spend the weekend at Myrtle Beach. I am excited....we haven't gotten away in forever! We plan to take the kids too, so it's not a romantic weekend or anything, but it will be a lot of fun all the same! I am looking forward to the fall, to the cooler weather. Peyton turns 5 at the end of October & I want to give him a great party. We always just do little family gatherings at home for him. This year, the big 5, I want to do something special. Especially since he has a new baby sister & may be feeling a tad over-looked at times. I am not really sure yet what I want to do....I will have to think on that one! I am looking forward to the holidays...Thanksgiving, Christmas...we have so much to be thankful for! I want to start getting my Christmas shopping done soon! I do not want that stress on me at the last minute!!! Meghan & Savannah should be easy!!!! Peyton, well, he is still young enough to like most anything you get him...and of course Isabella is too young to care at all. LOL!!!! Maybe a Savings Bond for her!!! A few new cute diapers.... (-: Anyways, I guess I am kinda rambling today, I am just so excited about what the next few months holds for us. I will leave you with yet another picture of Isabella, rockin' her new wool longies! (Yet another reason I cannot wait for the fall & winter....cute, cozy baby clothes!)


someday-soon said...

Adorable picture! You have so many fun things coming up, can't wait to hear about each and every one =)

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