Monday, June 28, 2010

Time flies!

Isabella is almost 4 weeks old, I cannot believe it! I have really been super bad at blogging since her birth & I am hoping to do better. I really want to have a record of all the little events going on in her young life, as I know all too well, this time will pass so quickly. We are all adjustinng well to our newest family member. Peyton is an awesome big brother & Meghan and Savannah love their litle sister as well. I am feeling close to 100% (aside from being sleep deprived), no more bleeding....I am ready to start jogging again, but I guess I will wait to get the ok from my Dr at 6 weeks postpartum. For now, I will stick to walking. That is, if the heat ever goes away! It has been so miserable here lately, I am really getting cabin fever from staying inside because of the heat. I love to be outside & to take walks, but you can't do that in 95 degree heat with a newborn. )-: We are in for some relief this week though...highs in the 80's, I am excited about that! My mom just left today...she was here for the past week. It was nice to have some extra help! We plan to go up tomy parent's house in the mountains this weekend...Isabella will get to meet her grandpa for the 1st time! For the past several days baby girl has had BADDDD gas! We are talking major gas, as in "did a grown adult do that??" was her. Yesterday she farted non-stop all day and cried and fussed a lot. Finally, I decided to try the Similac Soy formula last night....and so far, so good! It has been 24 hrs and she is so much happier and no gas! Her doctor ok'd it, and we will be seeing him on Thursday for her 1 month check up anyways. Here are some pictures from our family photo shoot...These were taken on June 11th, when she was 8 days old.


someday-soon said...

Fantastic pics!!! We're going to try to set up a home photo shoot tomorrow for Kylie's 1 month b-day. Hard to believe time is flying by so fast. Happy the soy formula is agreeing with her so much better!

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