Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy Dream!

My appointments are weekly now, so I go in again on Monday, May 31st.
I am so anxious to give birth & meet this baby! Last night I had a
crazy dream though! I had the baby...was in the hospital
recovering & was like "did I have the baby? I don't remember
anything!!" and the nurse said "oh, yes, you had the baby. She is fine
now...she just had to go to the nursery and be in the oxygen tent b/c
after birth her APGARS were 8/3!" So, they take me to see her & they
tell me on the way there that she was a HUGE baby & also that she has
a huge nose (LOL!...DH & I joked once about her nose b/c his is kinda
big & one of our early U/S pics made her nose look HUGE...I am sure it
was an arm or a shadow....but anyways, guess I was thinking about
that!) We get there & the O2 "tent" is like a tarp, and the "baby" is
lying on the ground...as big as a freaking toddler...like the same
size as my friend's 2 1/2 yr old DD who is a HUGE Chunker, 45 lbs!
This "baby"gets up & starts walking & I am like "that's my baby???
They aren't supposed to be walking yet are they?" I was so
disappointed! LOL! She had on pants and a t-shirt & sneakers!!!! Good
thing in my dream is that she nursed well! ha ha!


matt and shell said...

Oh my gosh, I had a dream almost just like that when I was pregnant with Benjamin, The baby was huge and someone dressed He/she in horribly ugly clothes. shook me up pretty good. lol

someday-soon said...

Crazy pregnancy dreams...what more can ya say =)

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