Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting kinda excited! (-:

I could be holding baby Isabella in my arms within 6 weeks possibly! I am really getting excited. Especially since everything seems to finally be coming together...the baby's room is making great progress towards being done (that reminds me...I need to call the drywall guy and schedule him to come..he said he could start in about a week & a half). I am probably going tomorrow to Babies R Us to use my 20% off coupon that starts tomorrow to go ahead and buy the dang Peg Perego stroller. I may put it on lay-away for a month or so, just so I don't have another large item sitting around & taking up space, we will see. Maybe I will just buy it outright tomorrow. Depending on which one I go with, it will either cost about $160 or $ 264 after the 20% off. I am so glad I have that coupon! It saved me $80 on the baby dresser I bought! Speaking of which, I am going to call today to check on that. They said it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive, it has been 1 week, and I am always paranoid that they have an old phone # for me & didn't update it when I did the lay-away. Also, I was finally able to get an update from the upholstery place today that is doing my glider/rocker cushions. They say that they should be ready by Tuesday afternoon! Woo hoo! It's only been a month, goodness!! I know there is still a lot to do, but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!
Ok, so which stroller do you think I should go with?

Stroller A

Stroller B

Update...speak of the devil! Babies R Us JUST called and my dresser is in!!! Woo hoo! Now i need to figure out if it will fit in my mini-van or if we need FIL's truck!


someday-soon said...

Congrats on the dresser arriving =) I would probably go with stroller 1 but that's just me, they both look great!

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

Caryn- I was leaning towards that one, but then I went to BRU today and really checked out stroller "B" and I LOVE it! It is very sturdy and well made & cushier than stroller "A", plus, now the only color they have in "A" is Java...a brown & tan combo, which I don't really care for. Minor technicality, I know.... but I really fell in love with "B" after playing with it & opening & closing I have the 20% off coupon, so it will save me a lot...

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