Wednesday, March 17, 2010

27 weeks, 1 day

Aside from a bit of burping this morning, I feel pretty good. Peyton & hubby are at the "Donuts with Dad" thing at the preschool & the girls are at school, so I have peace & quiet & the house all to myself! And spring is on its way, it is a beautiful looking day outside, supposed to be about 60 degrees I think! I think I will clean a bit inside and maybe open a few windows later on. Nothing too exciting to report on in pregnancy land. This past weekend, hubby brought home a glider/rocker from his mom's house. I admitt I was PO'd at 1st because I really wanted the chenille glider from Babies R Us. That one, but in white, with an ottoman, PLUS, anything that comes from his parents house (and I do love them, but....) smells like smoke!!!! But, its not too bad. The color pretty much matches the crib & dresser and the cushions were I am taking them to an upholstery shop to see about relacing them and having them covered in either white chenille or the pink fabric that I made my curtains out of. Hopefully in a week or two we can afford to get the rest of the room finished...sheet rock up, moulding, paint and doors. I told hubby last night that once that is done, I will be at peace & be ready..... (-:

Edited to say: I jinxed myself. I now feel like crap, nausea and horrible, loud stomach churning have set in again.


someday-soon said...

Lookin good! Sorry to hear you jinxed yourself and now feel crappy =(

matt and shell said...

Look at that tummy grow!

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