Monday, February 15, 2010

room updates!

The baby's room is progressing more and's so exciting!!! This past Friday night our friend Joe & our neighbor Mike helped Shane move the existing ceiling fan to the new center of the now smaller bonus room and install a new ceiling fan in baby's room! Mike also did all of the electical wiring for us, so we now have a working light switch in the baby's room as well as 4 new outlets on the wall that Joe is building us! Joe also worked some more on the closet and is almost done with the framing on it...we need about 4 or 5 more pieces of lumber to finish it up. Then, we need the drywall and the doors and moulding. Finally, I will get to paint....I think I have decided on a pale yellow that matches the crib bedding perfectly! And I think I will make a Valance for the window out of some pink decorator fabric that is on sale at the fabric shop....normally $20/yd, now is $11/yd. and then hang white sheers underneath it. I tried to take pictures of the progress with my canmera phone (since we cannot find the cord to my digital camera at this moment....) but the pictures just don't do it justice. The angle isn't wide enough first of all, but here they are...

Ok, just the loft for now. Its taking too darn long to upload from my cell phone for some reason! I will post more soon! (it is a bit cluttered and such right now, excuse the mess!) a few more pics added:


someday-soon said...

Great progress!!! Nice work =)

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