Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crib Bedding

I have been busily preparing for baby over the past several weeks. I am slowly but surely building up a nice sized All-In-One cloth diaper dash....I am totally addicted to ! Also, I got a fantastic deal on crib bedding from Pottery Barn...It is the Daisy Garden pattern in green. I bought it from a woman on Craigslist for $45. It is in like new condition!! Bed skirt, bumper and quilt!!
I found a brand new matching sheet on E-bay for $11! Here is my picture:

We bought the lumber today to start making the bedroom for baby...I am excited! My friend's husband will be doing most of it and said he can start on Monday or Tuesday! Yeah!!! I am thinking of painting the room either a pale yellow or pale pink when its done. I am also wanting to go look for a fabric that coordinates with the bedding & make my own curtains. If not, I can always buy the matching "Daisy Garden" valance for $25 on
I am 21 weeks and 2 days now...she is moving around & kicking like crazy on a regular basis now. It's pretty amazing. It seemed to start right at 20 weeks. My next appointment is on 2/10. Hopefully everything will still be A-OK. I keep thinking this is all a dream and something bad is suddenly going to happen.....)-: I need to post some belly shots, but have been so lazy about taking many! Ok...I just snapped two on the camera phone....


Matt and Shell said...

wow, your really showing!!!!

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