Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookie Making

I have been very slack lately & have not posted much. I guess I just lead a pretty boring life! I will try to play "catch up" in pictures.... Here is a group that I took a few weeks ago when Peyton helped me make some cookies:

On the pregnancy front, I will be 14 weeks along tomorrow. It seems surreal, like a dream. I know, I are probably saying "you already have THREE freakin' kids, how can it seem so surreal??" But it does. Maybe because it took us over 2 years to conceive this child, after many bumps along the way, ups & downs....hope & then crushing reality....and so far, every scary step of this pregnancy has turned out fine....from the low, tentative betas to the fear that the NT scan holds for me....which this time around turned out to be unfounded. My next appointment is on 12/28...I will be 16 weeks & they plan to do a boring check up I assume & draw blood for the quad screen....another test for another thing for me to start worring about. I have even toyed with the idea of telling them that I don't want to do it. I don't know.....I just want to bask in the "everything is fine & normal & healthy" news that the NT scan gave me. We'll see how I feel on 12/28. Also, awhile back, we received our IVF bill....the total was close to $15,000.00. And it was so refreshing to see $0.00 in "the amount you owe" section! Ha ha! It was short lived though. We do have to pay some....after insurance paid, we now owe about $1600.00. Not bad though! I am not complaining....we had about $20K of medical intervention in all, and only had to pay maybe $3k in total, not complaining at all. But it sure sucks to think that conceiving my other kids cost me ummmm.... ZERO dollars! LOL!


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