Tuesday, December 29, 2009

16 weeks!

I went in yesterday afternoon for my latest OB appt and everything looks good!! Of course, no ultrasound, but they did hear the heartbeat on the doppler...holding steady at 154 bpm. I think I have gained about 9 lbs in total since I started the whole IVF process, so not bad at all in my book! I do plan to start exercising more now that I have energy again!!! At least walking daily! What else??? I decided to decline the AFP/Triple screen blood test yesterday. I just decided that I was happy enough with the NT scan results and bloodwork and know that it is actually more reliable than the AFP/Triple screen. Especially since I am AMA....I really do not need a false-positive AFP screen to stress me out! If anything is wrong that the NT scan or BW didn't pick up on, they should see it at my 18 week U/S which is scheduled for Jan 13th at 2:30pm! I am toying with the idea of scheduling a gender scan at a private clinic....I may call tomorrow and see if they can fit me in this week. Thursday would be nice because Shane is off work! I am just sooo excited to find out so I can start shopping!!! So many people in my IVF buddy group already know the sex of their baby/babies b/c their MD's do more frequent scans....mainly b/c of health issues or the fact that they are carrying multiples, but some are no different from me.....yet, no scan for me....I want a scan!!! LOL!


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