Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First OB Appointment

Today's appointment was good, uneventful. The OB I saw today was very nice & I liked her. They took my history and did a pap smear and I had some blood work done. Nothing too exciting. No ultrasound. )-: Apparently, unless warranted, they only do the one major U/S at 18-20 weeks (excepting the NT scan if you opt for that). I have an appt in 2 weeks to meet with their Nurse Practicioner and to have my blood drawn for the NT scan. I assume she will do some "genetic counseling"....which I really do not need to hear, but maybe she won't. I have been there & done that & pretty much know it all, sorry if it sounds arrogant, but I do! Then on 12/1, when I am 12 weeks along, I will have the dreaded NT scan at 2pm. The Dr today told me that at age 36 my odds of having a baby with T-21 is 1/192. I didn't say anything, but that number seemed a little high to me. I googled it when I got home & sure enough, it is more like 1/300 for age 36. That makes me feel a bit better!


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