Monday, September 21, 2009

Egg Retrieval Tomorrow...Yikes!

We have to be there tomorrow at 6:30am for an 8:30am egg retrieval. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight tonight. I am so nervous! What if my eggs all suck? What if none fertilize? What if I get really bad OHSS? What if no embryos make it to transfer? What if IVF doesn't work??? Ok, I need to relax and take one day at a time, I know. I am ready to get the show on the road, I have been soooo exhausted. I know pregnancy = exhaustion, but at least then, I have a really good reason to be exhausted. I took Peyton to preschool today and then came home & slept for an hour and a half. Then, after I picked him up, we came home, and laid in my bed...he watched cartoons, I slept! I slept from 3-4, then Meghan got home & kinda took over & entertained him, while I SLEPT til 5:45...when it was time to go pick up Savannah from cheerleading! I am such a slacker!!! LOL!


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