Monday, April 13, 2009

It's been awhile I guess....I wish I had interesting & inspiring info to report daily like some other blogs, but I just don't! Call me boring......

I have been busy this past month though. I started doing Weight Watchers, with friends, not the organized official meetings, but Weight watchers none-the-less. I have the points books, the calculator & a freezer full of "Smart Ones" & "Lean Cuisines", not to mention a cabinet full of tasty and low calorie snacks to curb my sweet tooth! I have also been putting my gym membership to good use. So far, in about 4 weeks, I have lost 10 lbs. 10 lbs!!!! I don't think I have EVER lost 10 lbs! Today I even ran 1.25 miles straight without stopping....I am sure I could have gone further, but I hate to the 1.25 non-stop was quite the achievement! We did measurements tonight & I have lost 2 inches from my waist & 2 inches in my chest and I think an inch in my hips....but, hey, I have never really had hips to begin with!

Easter was spent working...Shane & Peyton went to Tennessee & Meghan & Savannah went to the mountains with my parents. I have to head up there tomorrow to pick Savannah up.

Last night, for the 1st time ever, Peyton actually pooped on the toilet! Maybe he will be out of Pull-ups by the time he starts Kindergarten in 2011! (-:


The Davidson Family said...

Way to go Karen! 10 lbs is awesome! I wish I could stick to something long enough to lose 10 lbs! Great job Peyton!

Jennifer Salaiz said...

Karen that is great! I'm so proud of you. I wish i could run a mile and 1/4. I would pass out before I even made it to the 1/4. LOL

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