Thursday, February 5, 2009

Going green, a little at a time!

Ok, so today I was thinking about laundry....yeah, I do enough of I decided to start there with my greeness. I have come across a laundry detergent called "Country Save" created by the guy who made "Elmer's Glue". Each ingredient in it is biodegradable and completely soluble & has no perfume, dyes or fillers. Great for people with sensitive skin! You can order this in bulk on (I placed an order today) and it looks like if you are military & have an APO address, you can get even better deals on it. Check out their website at!
Another nifty green idea I have come across is Wool dryer Balls. These babies are used in the dryer instead of those apparently HORRIBLE dryer sheets. They are made of 100% all natural wool & apparently soften your clothes as well as saving you drying time, thus money! You can use them over & over & over....they recommend using about 4 or more for optimal functioning....I found some good deals on these on!
Hey....I am trying!!!!!


Jenny said...

Ohh, I love going green! Hehe! I've never heard of the wool balls! How neat! Go Karen!

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