Thursday, January 8, 2009

Farewell green truck!!!

Well, Shane's beloved Ford F150 (which we paid off last year...of course!) is now toast. They have "totaled" her. This past Tuesday morning he was in an accident, not at all his fault thank God, and today we were told that the Insurance Co. has decided to total her. Figures...just when we pay something off and can say we "OWN" it! So, we are waiting to find out how much (or little) loot they will give us and hopefully we can buy a used replacement car outright and still be able to say we "OWN" something!!! Otherwise, 2 car payments, here we come AGAIN!


Jenny said...

I'm sorry, Karen! But please explain the mysterious white stuff all over his truck! We live in Charlotte, so it can't possibly be snow!

I hope they give you a good deal for the truck and you can find an equally great replacement!

The Davidson Family said...

Bye Bye green truck! I hope they give ya good loot! My cavalier got messed up 2 months after I paid it off. Booooo.

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

LOL! Sad that the only picture of his truck I could find was a random "look, we got snow!" shot from last year? Or maybe 2006? Certainly NOT this year!

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